Expert Advice on Decorating With Glass Dining Tables

Glass dining tables come in round, square, and rectangular shapes. Therefore, you should have no problem finding one that is appropriate for your home.

Your choice in glass dining tables is not limited to just the shape you want. There are various types of styles to choose from, not just a bland, clear tabletop.

Your main problem in choosing among all the different stylish pieces of this type of furniture may be in just deciding which one you like the most. However, that is not the worst problem to have.

Nevertheless, you can only choose one, so you want to make it your best choice. The following is a list of the more current designs of glass dining tables available:

o Sleek black: Several variations of this design are available. Some of these have square corners but a large number of them have rounded corners for safety reasons. These usually look exquisite surrounded by coordinated black leather chairs.

o Black Extendable: Often this particular style is usually most suitable for large families or for people who love to entertain guests on a regular basis. Extendable glass dining tables often collapse enough for an intimate family or couple’s meal as well.

o Modern square or rectangle: This type usually is constructed of a clear round or rectangle tabletop and usually sits on a well-constructed chrome base. Similar models might sit on four legs made of a strong polished metal. A furniture piece of this kind usually is complimented by six plush white leather chairs and often is small enough to fit in a one or two-bedroom flat.

o Compact: This one is usually smaller and sits four people comfortably. This clear or frosted glass dining table usually fits in a smaller apartment or house. Usually this elegant piece of contemporary furniture looks spectacular with four real or faux leather chairs surrounding it.

o Frosted: Glass dining tables made in this style usually include a very sturdy frame. Black or ivory-colored leather high-back chairs are one type of chair that compliments this contemporary furnishing. These tables are usually sold in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.

o Round black: For a true contemporary look you may consider one of the several varieties of round black glass tables. Six sleek leather chairs fit comfortably around this piece of art. Both the base and top is made of a high gloss finish.

All of the furniture sets described above would look especially fine placed in a room with ivory, white, or pearl-colored walls. They also would look exquisite sitting on white, beige, or ivory carpeting. Some people even place them on a hardwood floor accented by a rug in the center or off to the side.