Kitchen Table – Choose Yours Wisely

A lot of effort goes into selecting dining room tables but kitchen tables are the ideal place to start the family’s day each morning and end the day in the evening. It lacks the formality of the dining area. It’s convenient to all the items you need for breakfast and a great casual conversation spot. So, why not put more focus on this space. Selecting the right kitchen table is something that needs to be taken on while thinking of a lot of important details.

Space – Find a kitchen table that fits the space you have. Not every modern kitchen can handle a full sized table. You may need to get a bistro table (especially nice for only two living in the home) or a folding leaf table that can be widened when you need it to hold more people, or can stay small and cozy for regular use. Take the chairs and arm rests in to account as well. You may not think about it when you’re making the initial purchase, but if a chair has arm rests that will make it take up more space around the table since those chairs will likely not be able to be pushed all the way in.

Shape – there are all the typical shapes to choose from – oval, round, square and rectangle. There are even some kitchen tables that can be two, by extending a square or circle with a leaf that can turn them into ovals and rectangles. If you have little kids around the house, you may want to keep your focus on oval and circular tables so they don’t run into the corners of a square or rectangle ones.

Sometimes you may not be sure what shape of table to put in your kitchen. You can do a little test to see what works best. Get a large piece of paper (or a number of pieces of paper taped together). Shape them to the size of common kitchen table measurements. You can set this down on the floor in your kitchen and get an idea of how a kitchen table with the same shape would fit. But don’t just stop at the table, You need to remember there will be chairs as well, so make some shapes that replicate chairs and see if all the pieces will comfortably fit in the space you have. If not you can adjust the size until it is a better fit and know what your limitations are in table purchasing.

Style – You shouldn’t have a problem matching a kitchen table to the cabinets and décor in the room. Just make sure the table style fits. You don’t want a modern table to clash with a traditional décor style and visa versa. If your kitchen is dark stick with dark etc…

Material – If you have kids have something easy to clean. You don’t want to find out that a cup of cocoa left a ring on the surface because you didn’t protect the wood table top. Instead, look into Formica, or tile that will put up with more abuse and use, especially with a busy and young family. If you do have wood, you will need to keep it covered to protect it.