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Things You Should Know Concerning Intercessory Prayer

You might need to call upon a divine intervention when you are faced with hard situations. Some of the hard situations that require you to seek help from a higher power include deadly diseases and natural calamities. When you seek divine power to intervene on behalf of yourself or others, you will be making an intercessory prayer. Intercessory has been known to be powerful in getting people through hard times as seen in the old and new testaments. There are several things you need to know about this type of prayer.

Intercessory prayers are mainly based on understanding the will of God and seeing it enacted whether it is benefiting you or not. God’s glory is thus brought to the world through intercessory prayers irrespective of whether the intercessor benefits or not. You can make this type of prayer on behalf of several people. Friends, enemies, countrymen and the sick are some of the people you can make this type of prayer for according to the Old and New Testament.

Some Christians think that they are not worthy or holy enough to make an intercessory prayer. An intercessory prayer can nonetheless be made by any person. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, any Christian can be in a position to offer intercessory prayer. According to the New Testament, Christ is the ultimate intercessor in the sense that he died to connect us with God. You should not, therefore, cease making an intercessory prayer asking God to meet the requests of others.

An individual or a group can make this type of prayer. In case you are troubled by worldly happenings and you want to pray for things to be better, you should do it as a part of a group. Whenever you pray as a group for the divine intervention of lifting people’s spirits to make them better, that is known as corporate intercession. In order to have a corporate intercession, you should gather with your fellow Christians and decide on the prayer item to present. In this type of prayer, you can start by every person presenting a prayer, followed by group prayer and then a silent moment where God makes the final word. Those who are in need can also be given some simple acts of kindness. In this type of prayer, you can make a charitable donation or send an encouraging message to those in need. Speaking on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves is a noble act of making intercessory prayers.

The spirits of those people around you are usually lifted when you make an intercessory prayer. By inspiring people to make this type of prayer with you, you also deepen their love for you and others.

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