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The Benefits of a Composting Toilet

If you want to save on water, then you can save a lot of water through your toilet. You don’t have to rely on a traditional water toilet; more and more people are choosing compost toilets instead because it does not use any water at all. With compost toilets, natural materials are used like wood chips, or lavender, which breaks down the waste into useful compost. Compost toilets are beneficial in many ways.

If you use a compost toilet, then you don’t need to connect to water pipes like the traditional toilet does. The reason for this is that compost toilets are self-contained and does not need to be hooked to anything. Some composting toilets are very simple and completely functional even in you just put it into a room but there are pretty elaborate ones that you can install in your house. All you ever need to construct the simplest composting toilet is a five-gallon bucket and a toilet lid.

Cheap DIY alternatives are available for most energy-free appliances. If you choose a simple composting toilet, then you only spend a few dollars on the five-gallon bucket and toilet lid, but with amore advanced version, you would likely spend the same as a traditional toilet but without spending for installation. If you choose a composting toilet, then you don’t have to spend on a septic tank and emptying its contents once in a while.

One of the biggest benefits of having a composting toilet is that you can operate it without using any water. Composting toilets are ideal for drought-prone areas since they don’t have to mind using the toilet often since it doesn’t use any water at all. Since it is not connected to a pipe, this makes composting toilets very portable and can be brought anywhere especially to camping trips.

The compost is free with a composting toilet. You can have compost to fertilize your garden plants since your waste is converted into compost. With the compost produced by your toilet, you can even fuel your home. You can cook or heat your home using natural gas which is produced when compost is combined with other bio-combustibles in a generator for natural gas.

Compost toilets are odorless and this is one great benefit of having one. Even if you have the most basic compost toilet make with five-gallon buckets, you still will not have unpleasant odor to it.

An alternative to traditional water toilets are compost toilets. You can use it in any situation. Whether you are to install it at home or bring it to your camping trip, you can easily install it even if you don’t have any experience at all. And compost toilets are environmentally friend because it uses renewable resources to function.
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