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Porch Skirting – Dress up Your Porch with Porch Skirting Options

How often have you seen that one house in the neighborhood and saw the unsightly underside of that said house? This is where not even the bravest of souls would dare explore, unless you happen to be a small animal or a rodent who happens to call this part of the house home. Then you think to yourself “Hey that house could use a good porch skirting”.

Porch skirting is a great way to improve your home’s overall look as well as increase its property value. This is also the easiest and cheapest way of improving the look of the home from the road. These panels come in different materials and patterns, just make sure that good ventilation is taken into consideration to ensure that moisture cannot gather and accumulate under the deck which causes the house to rot.

Older houses about sixty or more years old have no lattice or lattice panels to them. Most homeowners during that period simply ignored this and just patched in some pieces of wood to make some kind of enclosure.

The first time people saw porch skirting into the game was during the time when mobile homes came out. From low cost metal skirting, to wooden panels, the higher end brick and stone skirting. Regardless, they were all used to serve one purpose, to hide the eyesore which is the jacks and the wheels.

Metal skirting was host to various issues, it would easily bend and make maintenance a hassle and potentially even unsafe, and was exposed to outside elements and was prone to rusting and corrosion. A great alternative to this was not as expensive brick or stone was wood, and more specifically, wood lattice. This was a great solution as it provided great ventilation as opposed to brick and was great at providing pest control as well as providing a much more uniform aesthetic. The problem with wood lattice is it requires more maintenance, if left untreated, lattice would deteriorate and when that happens, repair is near impossible. The panels need to be treated with paint or stain to maintain.

Porch skirting is a great at making your home look nice and is a great way of preventing pests from calling the underside of your home their home. Putting up these little walls will prevent these rodents or any animal from getting under your house where most of them are known to live such as raccoons, badgers, or even skunks.

There are a variety of porch skirting options that are available for you to functionally decorate your home with. These would be wooden skirting which is the easiest to install and can be stained or painted to match your home. Some people like to go upscale and go for brick or stone skirting, these can be a bit expensive as this will need some bit of masonry but is guaranteed to increase the value of your home. Though the downside to this is that a skilled mason is required as stone and bricks will need to be laid in a manner that it provides great ventilation as well as be structurally stable.

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