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A griddle is known to be best for preparing delicious meals. Once you have your grill, you need to take care of it for it to last. If you want to keep your grill in the best condition, you need to clean it after use and store it in a safe place. What most people do not know is that they can maintain a healthy grill surface by using the right cooking oil. If you thought that cooking oil can only be used for cooking, you are mistaken as it can be used in griddle cleaning and seasoning. If you want to learn about the best oil for griddle cooking, you have come to the right place.

As much as there are many cooking oils from different brands, you need to pay attention to those that will not only add flavor to your food but also bond with the grill to form a seasoned and non-stick surface. The best oils for griddle cooking are high in fatty acids. Oils with a large percentage of fatty acids aster known to easily bind with grill`s surface.

One of the best oils for griddle cooking is avocado oil. Besides being best for griddle cooking, avocado oil has many health benefits. In addition to having many health benefits, avocado oil is best for high heat cooking. The high smoke point makes it easier to barbeque on your griddle at high temperatures without having to worry about burning your food.

If you do not want to use avocado oil, you can consider buying extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil is made by crushing olives then extracting the juice. When you buy extra virgin olive oil, you can be assured of getting natural oil since it does not undergo industrial refining. If you are looking for a heart-healthy cooking oil, you should consider buying extra virgin olive oil since it has more monounsaturated fats than most oils. In addition to being healthy for cooking, olive oil adds a unique and delicious taste to your food.

If you are planning to cook with high heats, you can consider using canola oil. When you buy a high-quality canola oil, you will find its smoke pint to be utmost 470 degrees. Like avocado and olive oil, canola oils are heart-healthy. Unlike other cooking oils, canola oil is relatively cheaper.

Besides using canola oil, you can buy coconut oil. Coconut oil is known to have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Coconut oil has the lowest smoke point which stands at 400 degrees.

If you want to buy the right griddle cooking oil, it is best to check the temperature at which the food needs to be cooked at. This will make it easier for you to buy the right oil for your food.

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