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Decorate Your Dining Rooms With a Glass Dining Table

There are always different ideas popping into your mind about how you can decorate and redecorate your dining rooms. You browse through the Internet, search in the magazines to look for some new designs, and then come up with nothing but disappointment. You do not like any latest design as they all contain very showy stuff where you don’t get interested. Still, there is one key thing that you must not miss by looking into those magazines, i.e. a glass dining table. The modern household furniture is rapidly changing with new trends as we see new designs and innovations are being brought into the mix. The glass table is one of them. This article will guide you towards how you can decorate your dining room with a glass dining table.

The very first thing that you are required to do is to choose the position in the dining room where you would like to place the table. Some people would like to keep it as their decoration piece, while others would use it as for their kitchen usage. Or perhaps if you have a small apartment that you share with a friend, you could place the table in your own room. There can never be a permanent location for it because over time we find better places.

A glass dining table is very easy to get cleaned. Just imagine that you have hosted a party at your home and you are busy with cooking and do not have time to clean everything properly, it is here that you come to realize how easy it is clean a table made of glass. Any window cleaner or kitchen cleaner will quite easily get any messes off while stains are never a problem because with glass, it is simply not possible.

The intrinsic feature in a glass dining table is that it is manufactured in style. There are many colors in which these tables are available, among which, black round glass dining table is the best one, as design of the table is most amazing when it is painted black and fits well in most modern-themed homes.

Therefore, if you are planning to decorate your kitchen, then the best thing suitable for you according to modern trends would be the glass dining table. You would feel proud to have it as a part of your home furniture to serve your special guests and family.

Expert Advice on Decorating With Glass Dining Tables

Glass dining tables come in round, square, and rectangular shapes. Therefore, you should have no problem finding one that is appropriate for your home.

Your choice in glass dining tables is not limited to just the shape you want. There are various types of styles to choose from, not just a bland, clear tabletop.

Your main problem in choosing among all the different stylish pieces of this type of furniture may be in just deciding which one you like the most. However, that is not the worst problem to have.

Nevertheless, you can only choose one, so you want to make it your best choice. The following is a list of the more current designs of glass dining tables available:

o Sleek black: Several variations of this design are available. Some of these have square corners but a large number of them have rounded corners for safety reasons. These usually look exquisite surrounded by coordinated black leather chairs.

o Black Extendable: Often this particular style is usually most suitable for large families or for people who love to entertain guests on a regular basis. Extendable glass dining tables often collapse enough for an intimate family or couple’s meal as well.

o Modern square or rectangle: This type usually is constructed of a clear round or rectangle tabletop and usually sits on a well-constructed chrome base. Similar models might sit on four legs made of a strong polished metal. A furniture piece of this kind usually is complimented by six plush white leather chairs and often is small enough to fit in a one or two-bedroom flat.

o Compact: This one is usually smaller and sits four people comfortably. This clear or frosted glass dining table usually fits in a smaller apartment or house. Usually this elegant piece of contemporary furniture looks spectacular with four real or faux leather chairs surrounding it.

o Frosted: Glass dining tables made in this style usually include a very sturdy frame. Black or ivory-colored leather high-back chairs are one type of chair that compliments this contemporary furnishing. These tables are usually sold in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.

o Round black: For a true contemporary look you may consider one of the several varieties of round black glass tables. Six sleek leather chairs fit comfortably around this piece of art. Both the base and top is made of a high gloss finish.

All of the furniture sets described above would look especially fine placed in a room with ivory, white, or pearl-colored walls. They also would look exquisite sitting on white, beige, or ivory carpeting. Some people even place them on a hardwood floor accented by a rug in the center or off to the side.

Kitchen Table – Choose Yours Wisely

A lot of effort goes into selecting dining room tables but kitchen tables are the ideal place to start the family’s day each morning and end the day in the evening. It lacks the formality of the dining area. It’s convenient to all the items you need for breakfast and a great casual conversation spot. So, why not put more focus on this space. Selecting the right kitchen table is something that needs to be taken on while thinking of a lot of important details.

Space – Find a kitchen table that fits the space you have. Not every modern kitchen can handle a full sized table. You may need to get a bistro table (especially nice for only two living in the home) or a folding leaf table that can be widened when you need it to hold more people, or can stay small and cozy for regular use. Take the chairs and arm rests in to account as well. You may not think about it when you’re making the initial purchase, but if a chair has arm rests that will make it take up more space around the table since those chairs will likely not be able to be pushed all the way in.

Shape – there are all the typical shapes to choose from – oval, round, square and rectangle. There are even some kitchen tables that can be two, by extending a square or circle with a leaf that can turn them into ovals and rectangles. If you have little kids around the house, you may want to keep your focus on oval and circular tables so they don’t run into the corners of a square or rectangle ones.

Sometimes you may not be sure what shape of table to put in your kitchen. You can do a little test to see what works best. Get a large piece of paper (or a number of pieces of paper taped together). Shape them to the size of common kitchen table measurements. You can set this down on the floor in your kitchen and get an idea of how a kitchen table with the same shape would fit. But don’t just stop at the table, You need to remember there will be chairs as well, so make some shapes that replicate chairs and see if all the pieces will comfortably fit in the space you have. If not you can adjust the size until it is a better fit and know what your limitations are in table purchasing.

Style – You shouldn’t have a problem matching a kitchen table to the cabinets and décor in the room. Just make sure the table style fits. You don’t want a modern table to clash with a traditional décor style and visa versa. If your kitchen is dark stick with dark etc…

Material – If you have kids have something easy to clean. You don’t want to find out that a cup of cocoa left a ring on the surface because you didn’t protect the wood table top. Instead, look into Formica, or tile that will put up with more abuse and use, especially with a busy and young family. If you do have wood, you will need to keep it covered to protect it.

Kinds of Dining Tables

It was the poet John Keats who said, ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’ and this does in fact apply to your choice of a dining table. It is your dining room table that you will be using day in and day out for many years to come, so it does make a lot of sense to pick one that is not only functional but also beautiful to look at.

To begin with think about the dimensions and shape of table that will suit your purposes and the shape and size of your dining area. Then you can decide what the kind of table you want to buy is.

The Leg Table:

The Amish specialize in many different kinds of dining tables and among them one of the most popular varieties is the Leg Table. As the name suggests, these tables are leg tables and are crafted on the clean simple and uncluttered lines. These may include drop leaf tables as well, which could be folded down from one or both sides to lessen the length of the table if there are issues of space, but the need for a larger table occasionally.

The Burlington table is a throwback to a more genteel time with its rectangular shape and federal design which incorporates a Queen Anne style foot with a straight leg and clipped corner top. The Brady table or the Georgetown tables give you the option of beautiful circular four legged tables. The Madison or the Mansfield tables give you the option of a boat shaped top which is both elegant and unusual.

Trestle Dining Table:

As the name suggests the trestle dining tables are made by the Amish furniture makers using frames or a braces as a support for the tables. These are tables that come with a variety of different supports as against the simple four legged variety.

The Arts and Crafts table is a classic, and personifies the Arts and Crafts movement with its legs that curve outward and the slatted based along with a circular one inch top. Then there is the Arlington table with its contemporary styled trestle. It is designed with a boat shaped top and sturdy base. The Craftsman Mission Table is another classic design with its slatted Mission style base that has built with superior mortise and tenon joints.

Pedestal Table:

Pedestal tables are again in a variety of different styles to suit individual tastes and needs. For instance the Caledonia style of pedestal table is a contemporary flare on a pedestal style table. It is available in round, square or oval table top shapes to suit individual requirements. The Camden Table is a unique dining room table with built in storage drawers under the base top and can be a real plus when space is tight. The Chancellor Pedestal table is for a more formal setting dining area and is a classic in its own right.

So remember when you make up your mind about a dining table, it is something that you will use for many years to come and should be one that is a thing of beauty and a joy forever!

Butterfly Dining Table

A butterfly dining table is a smaller than average drop-leaf dining table in which there is a swinging support for the leaves. This table was originally created in the 17th and 18th centuries as an American tavern table. The butterfly table got its name because instead of the gate leg which is more common on a table, the butterfly table has extended fly-brackets that are wing-shaped which supports the flaps.

Below are a few of the more popular butterfly dining tables available online:

The Camden Double Pedestal Butterfly Leaf Table Set From Entree

This table from the Camden Collection takes honey and chestnut colored wood and beautifully integrates them into the table to create a unique warm and comfortable environment for dining. The multiple tones of the table can be used to make any boring old dining room come to life by bringing all of the disjointed elements together. This table comes with two, 12 inch leaves, which makes it perfect for a smaller family get together or for bringing large groups together to entertain. The set comes with the butterfly dining table, for side chairs, and two armchairs that are optional.

The Pure White Color Story Oval Butterfly Leaf Dining Table From Powell

This brilliantly white beautiful table will give your home a brand new and refreshing look. The set features a crisp and clean four-legged race track shaped butterfly dining table that has a wide center leaf that folds to 18 inches and can also fold up for easy storage underneath the table top. The table set comes with a schoolhouse style armless chair that has vertical slats and a crest rail that is camel shaped, a wooden seat that’s saddle shape, and legs that are tapered and open box stretched.

A beautiful butterfly dining table can really accentuate the elegance of your dining room. Make your spaces come to life with this unique and energizing table.

Discover The Unique Invocation Of Mufti In Hand Crafted Dining And Living Room Furniture

Although it has been many years since Britain was an empire, the time that it was, the English adopted a unique word, called mufti. At the time, mufti was defined more as the civilian dress that an individual who was in the military would wear while off-duty. Mufti dress was the true expression of sophistication, casualness, simplicity and relaxation. Through the years, it has become more an approach to living life, versus being solely a form of dress. Today, mufti still evokes sophistication and relaxation, but is also the definition of the combination of design, craftsmanship and quality in natural, raw materials that are fashioned into home furnishings. This is excellent news for anyone who wants to evoke a feeling of relaxation and sophistication in their home, because you can now take mufti home in the form of innovative and unique designer furniture.

If you are looking for comfortable yet stylish living room furniture, you will want to check out a spectacular 100% natural Belgian linen, armless chair that is available, that offers willow weep velvet piping. This stunning chair goes extraordinarily well with the matching loveseat, and will provide your living room with the contemporary feel, style and mufti that you are looking for. You can also find the softness and beauty that only comes from a Tribeca linen armchair and matching sofa living room furniture. Whether you need a two or three person Tribeca sofa, you can find this at all of the living room furniture that you need to bring mufti into your living room. In addition to living room furniture such as sofas and chairs, you can also opt for a number of ottomans. One of the most incredible ottomans offered is the Tribeca ottoman, which is been crafted from reclaimed Burmese teak wood and has been upholstered in a luxurious nova suede. In addition, for more contemporary and exciting style, there is also a zebra skin ottoman, that has been crafted to your specifications and only from the highest grade Burchell zebra skin available.

For dining room furniture, there is an extraordinary array of chairs and tables available for anyone who gathers round to experience the true feeling of mufti. One spectacular addition to your home would be a stunningly designed table that has been crafted from reclaimed Burmese teak wood. This table has been finished in a natural French polish, which provides elegance, simplicity and sophistication all in one. Although this particular table is a bit large, there is also dining room furniture that is smaller, or perhaps a bit more contemporary, then you may want to look into the spectacular range of round dining tables and chairs. These are also crafted from high-quality, reclaimed Burmese teak wood, and are finished in a deep, luxurious, glossy, dark brown French polish. You can also create a bistro feel in your dining room, with a contemporary set of bar chairs and tables that match. Or, if you are looking for something more modern, a square top dining room table crafted from Burmese teak wood that proffers a brown matte polish may be the perfect addition to your dining room, to invoke mufti in you and all of your family and friends.

Tips on Choosing Antique Dining Tables

It’s easy to see why antique dining tables in Lancashire are so sought after. From Bury black pudding to Lancashire hotpot, the county has a long tradition of hearty home-cooking and farmhouse fare. The cosy image of family mealtimes round the farmhouse table is still the norm in many areas, and the large number of older properties means there are plenty of dining rooms where even the largest antique dining table will fit with room to spare.

It was common for antique dining tables in Lancashire to be passed on from one generation to the next, and these often find their way into salerooms. The earliest surviving style is the trestle table, common in the great halls of the Middle Ages. Originals from this period are highly sought after and extremely rare. The top was formed from long wooden planks, often taking up the length of the hall, around which the lord, lady and entire company of the manor would be seated. Later, the planks and trestles would be dismantled, and the space used for dancing.

Trestle tables disappeared with the end of the feudal system, and most antique dining tables in Lancashire date from the 16th century or later. By this time, it was common for the master and his family to dine separately to the rest of the household, and solid tables evolved. Called refectory tables, these became popular across Europe. Many designs were based on the trestle style, and while some were quite plain others (particularly those from Italy) could be incredibly elaborate, with carved acanthus designs on trestle-style legs.

It’s worth looking for British refectory antique dining tables from Lancashire’s Tudor to Reformation periods. Made from oak, with large bulbous legs, they are quite rare as, owing to the damp conditions, the legs would rot. Therefore you should look at the legs closely, as these have often been replaced. Additionally, beware of late copies, made from reclaimed floorboards. The telltale signs will be filled-in nail holes, and dowels flush with the surface. In old antique dining tables, the dowels tend to stand proud of the surface, owing to shrinkage of the wood over the years.

Although they fell out of favour in homes, refectory tables endured as library tables, popular today in larger homes. The most expensive are inlaid with rare woods like burr walnut and rosewood, but simpler Victorian styles can be found for reasonable cost in antique shops. As with refectory tables, they should be formed from 2 or 3 planks of hard-wearing wood and show a rich patina with plenty of signs of use.

As more intimate styles of dining evolved, tables became adjustable. Gate-leg antique dining tables date from the mid-17th century, and vary varied from rectangular to fully circular in design, with flaps which could be lowered when not in use. Early gate-leg antique dining tables in Lancashire can be up to 8 feet in diameter. However, by the 18th century it was normal to use several small, rather than one large table, and so later examples tend to be smaller. These are probably the most collectable of all antique dining tables, fitting easily into modern homes.